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Massachusetts Nonprofit Workers Join Local 1445

August 10, 2022

Workers at La Comunidad, Inc. in Everett, Mass., joined UFCW  Local 1445 for a better life on June 8. La Comunidad, Inc. is the first nonprofit to be represented by UFCW Local 1445. 

La Comunidad, Inc. provides services to the Latino-American community in the city of Everett and surrounding areas, including citizenship training, adult education, and basic social services, and the nine new members of our union family are employed as community organizers, advisors and office clerks. These workers joined UFCW Local 1445 because they wanted better health care coverage and pay and to experience a work environment where a union contract brings balance and workers can stay longer.

“Our new members at La Comunidad have been working hard and doing a great job to better their community for decades,” said UFCW Local 1445 President Fernando Lemus. “I am proud to represent them and help them to do their jobs with more confidence and a union contract to back them up.”

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