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H&M Workers in New York Join Local 888

April 24, 2024

About 40 workers at the H&M store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently joined UFCW Local 888 for a better life.

These workers joined our union family because they were concerned about significant workplace issues that affected the quality of their employment, including favoritism and unfair treatment. The campaign to organize these workers included key players who were instrumental to its success, like Brooklyn H&M worker Tiffany Nicolas.

“There were challenges along the journey, but I never gave up because I knew how hopeful and honestly excited my co-workers were about the prospect of seeing change with a union implemented,” Nicolas said. “When I got the news that the unionization passed, I felt relieved. That I followed through with my goal, we won, and that there was only up from there. That sentiment was shared amongst the workers at the store, which made the victory all the more gratifying.”

“We welcome the courageous H&M Brooklyn employees to the UFCW Local 888 family,” said UFCW Local 888 President Max Bruny. “In spite of numerous obstacles and delays, they stood firm in their quest for a voice in their workplace. We congratulate the H&M organizing committee for its commitment and dedication. We could not do it without you.”

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