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Grocery Workers in Washington Ratify a Strong, New Contract

February 15, 2024

After months of negotiations, pickets, and a strike authorization, over 1,600 members of UFCW Local 3000 who work at PCC Community Markets in Seattle and seven surrounding cities ratified an industry-leading contract on Feb. 6.

The two-year contract includes wage increases that make PCC Community Markets members the highest paid grocery and meat workers in the area. The contract also improves the safety of PCC Community Markets stores and maintains health care benefits. Significant gains were made in increasing our members’ voices in the operation of PCC Community Markets stores going forward, and a groundbreaking agreement and process were secured to have workers on the board and begin discussion with the company around profit sharing.

“For the first time ever, we won wage escalators to ensure our lowest wage workers stay above the minimum wage,” said Atsuko Koseki, who works at the deli at the PCC Community Markets store in Edmonds. “We fought hard for helper clerks and won wage increases for our lowest paid deli workers. We did this by standing together and fighting together.”

“Perseverance to prosperity, I am grateful for the largest pay raise in PCC history,” said Allison Smith, who is a meat cutter at the PCC Community Markets store in Issaquah.

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