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Connecticut Public School Workers Join UFCW Local 371

December 7, 2020 Updated: December 17, 2020

School cafeteria workers offering healthy food options to students

On Nov. 20, cafeteria managers who are employed by the Norwich Public School System in Norwich, Conn., joined UFCW Local 371 for a better life.

The group of more than a dozen workers joined our union family because they were concerned about workplace treatment. 

“The workers we supervise have the security of a union contract, but we had remained unprotected,” said Melissa Starr, who is a cafeteria manager. “We want the same peace of mind as the employees we supervise, and I am so proud of my union sisters for sticking together and joining Local 371.”

“We are happy to have these new union sisters join our Local 371,” said UFCW Local 371 President Ronald Petronella. “We know that when workers stick together, their benefits become stronger and their workplace becomes more stable. We are happy to have them join us and look forward to helping them get a great first contract.”

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