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Hospital Workers in Washington Continue to Join Local 21

July 9, 2020 Updated: September 4, 2020

Closeup of a nurse putting on a pair of blue gloves next to a patient's bed

We’re excited to welcome to our union a new group of certified nursing assistants, housekeepers, kitchen workers, phlebotomists, pharmacy and radiation technicians, respiratory therapists, and sonographers at Providence Centralia Hospital in Centralia, Wash., who recently made the decision together to join UFCW Local 21 on June 29.

Members of UFCW Local 21 who are registered nurses at Providence Centralia Hospital reached out to their coworkers to provide encouragement.

“RNs have had a union at Centralia for over 30 years,” said Diane Stedham-Jewell. “It has helped us fight for better wages, job security, and better care. It’s great to have someone who can fight for you. Sometimes people are afraid of fighting for more because they are grateful for what they have, but I don’t like to see big companies take advantage of folks. Everyone deserves to be represented, have rights, and fair living wages!”

“They say a happy worker is a productive worker, but when big business gets too big, the little people get forgotten,” said Gary Mersereau. “In fact, the wheel of Providence’s business turns on our ability to do our jobs effectively and without fear. I keep that wheel turning for the patients and community I care for, and with the union at my side we’re not little at all—we are the spine of the system that keeps people healthy and safe. Together we stand!”

“I feel it is vital for us to have a union,” said Brooke Adams, a surgical technologist. “It allows us workers to finally have a voice. We will be able to negotiate fair benefits, wage increases, and labor practices. The union will give us the ability to feel secure in our positions and protect us in the event of an unfair layoff or firing. We’ll have a representative in our corner at all times.”


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