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Cannabis Workers in Ohio Ratify a First Contract

December 7, 2023

Members of UFCW Local 1059 who work at the Harvest of Athens cannabis dispensary in Athens, Ohio, recently ratified a first union contract that strengthens wages and benefits.

The workers, who are responsible for fulfilling medical marijuana recommendations for patients, keeping inventory, and engaging in customer service, joined our union family in May because they wanted better benefits, fair scheduling, job security, and a voice in the workplace.

The three-year contract addresses those issues and includes significant annual wage increases, which amounts to a 24 percent increase over three years. The contract also gives members the ability to earn full-time benefits according to the hours they work and includes scheduling rights by seniority.

 “I’m proud of my co-workers for standing strong to get this first contract,” said Dalen Gevedon, who works at the dispensary. “It’s so important that cannabis workers get the fairness and respect we deserve in Ohio and across the country.”

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