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Cannabis Workers in Pennsylvania Ratify a First Contract

September 21, 2023

Members of UFCW Local 1776KS who work at the Pharmacann cannabis grow facility in Olyphant, Pa., recently ratified a first union contract that strengthens wages and workplace health and safety protections.

The three-year contract includes guaranteed wage increases and increased starting rates. The contract also includes enhanced health and safety language and nondiscrimination language to prevent discrimination of any kind. In addition, the contract includes grievance and arbitration procedures, apprenticeship program language, seniority provisions and successorship language.

“As workers in a cannabis grow/processing facility, securing workplace safety language was a top priority,” said UFCW Local 1776KS President Wendell Young IV. “These members understand the importance of having a union contract to ensure workplace safety procedures are enforced in this new and growing industry. With each new contract, we improve safety expectations for all Pennsylvania cannabis facilities. We are excited to continue working alongside these members as our cannabis division expands.”

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