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Cannabis Workers in Nevada Join Local 711 for a Better Life

October 18, 2023

On Oct. 6, cannabis workers at Green Thumb Industries in Reno, Nev., voted to join UFCW Local 711.

These workers joined our union family to build a better life and secure the protections and benefits they deserve under a union contract.

“Organizing with your co-workers to hold your company accountable is no easy task,” said Green Thumbs Industries worker Derrick Miles. “I’m proud to know we stepped up and stood together in solidarity to fight for the security and improved working conditions that a union contract can provide. We look forward to bargaining for a fair contract. I hope more workers in Nevada, especially in cannabis, are emboldened to take action after witnessing successful campaigns like ours and others across the country.”

“The labor movement in our industry and others grows larger every day,” Miles added. “Working people around the country are joining together, making it apparent that enough is enough.”

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