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Cannabis Workers in Massachusetts Join Local 328

January 25, 2023

On Jan. 6, cannabis workers at Nature’s Medicines in Wareham, Mass., joined UFCW Local 328 for a better life. The workers, who are personal service providers and inventory clerks, formed their union with a focus on gaining higher wages, improving benefits, and securing important workplace protections.

The campaign to organize began on Oct. 21, when the personal service providers and inventory clerks at Nature’s Medicines delivered a signed letter to the regional and general managers, requesting the company to respect their decision to form their union. After Nature’s Medicines declined to voluntarily recognize their union, the workers filed for their union election. The company proceeded to have mandatory meetings with workers where they tried to persuade workers not to unionize. However, the workers continued to stick together throughout the election process.

“I reached out to help my coworkers because I was tired of corporate treating us like we didn’t matter,” said Thomas Hooper, a lead personal service provider at the Wareham location. “This union will not only help the current employees, but it will be here long after I’m gone.”

 “I am glad to be helping myself and other coworkers to make our job worth the work we put into it,” said Adam Ellis, who is also a personal service provider at the Wareham location.

“We are proud of the incredible team at Nature’s Medicines,” said UFCW Local 328 Organizer Mike Santos. “They organized for a voice at work and achieved this victory by sticking together and voting union ‘yes.’ We are excited to welcome them to our union family!”

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