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Wegmans Grocery Union

UFCW is New York’s Grocery Union

UFCW is proud to support Wegmans workers unionizing in New York and across the country!

Grocery workers have always been essential workers, and Wegmans is no different. You and your coworkers are the one keeping this company profitable. You are the reason customers remain loyal and keep coming back to these stores. Your hard work and dedication to providing this service deserves respect.

Wegmans proudly states on their website that they “empower [their] people to make decisions that improve their work and benefit our customers and our company.” We also believe you should have a say in how your store is run! When you start a union at your store, your employer is required to listen.

Unionizing gives you and your coworkers the power to create a contract with your employers. This contract (or collective bargaining agreement) establishes your store’s standard operating procedures and allows you to hold your management accountable. 

Without a union contract, your employer can change your benefits and working conditions however and whenever they want. Negotiating a contract allows you to solidify the benefits that are important to you and push for any changes that help you do your best work and live your best life!  

Your work has value, and our mission is to ensure that value is reflected in your wages and benefits at Wegmans.

But don’t just take our word for it. Keep scrolling to hear other unionized grocery workers tell their stories, discover what they’ve won in their contracts, and get connected with a union organizer!

Start a Union at Your Wegmans

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Hear from Union Grocery Workers

Benefits of Forming a Union

Organizing your workplace gives you the power to negotiate with your company and change anything related to your working conditions, benefits, and rights on the job. Grocery workers at ShopRite, Stop & Shop, and other stores across New York have recently fought for and won key benefits like: 

Overtime pay after 8 hours per day, along with premium pay on holidays

Guaranteed minimum scheduled hours for part and full-time workers

Guaranteed wage increases each year

A defined discipline procedure to protect against favoritism and mistreatment at work

Personal days, paid vacation, and guaranteed sick leave

These incredible victories are just the beginning! When you form a union at Wegmans, you and your coworkers can decide what matters to you, put those priorities in writing, and get your benefits guaranteed in a contract.

While you negotiate with the company to create this contract, you all get the last word on whether its good or not. Your contract is not binding until the majority of you vote to approve it, ensuring you all have a voice!

How to Start Your Grocery Union

Who We Represent

Start a union at your Wegmans

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