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Stand United Against the Kroger Albertsons Megamerger!

Despite our nation’s growing economic anxiety, historic rates of inflation, and fears of recession brought on by rising food and consumer prices, Kroger and Albertsons continue to tout the alleged benefits of a corporate megamerger that would create one of the largest supermarket companies in the world, affecting every grocery worker, consumer, and community – and more than 350,000 of our UFCW hard-working members.

The impact this megamerger would have on workers’ wages, food prices, and industry competition will be staggering and must not be understated. 

As a union, our top priority is building a better life for our members and their families everywhere, and that is why we must stand united in our opposition to the Kroger Albertsons megamerger.

Download and share these Kroger Albertsons megamerger facts on your social media channels. 

While we have been engaging a panel of experts to make an independent assessment, Kroger and Albertsons continue to deny, delay, and block the very data we need to see the alleged “benefits” of this corporate megamerger.

Independent organizations like the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) have been doing their own research, too. They found that this merger would lower wages – potentially over $300 million dollars annually or approximately $450 per worker – for 746,000 grocery store workers in over 50 metropolitan areas across the U.S., not just those who work at Kroger or Albertsons, but all grocery workers in these affected areas.

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