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Raley’s Union

UFCW is The Union for Raley’s Workers!

UFCW represents nearly 835,000 grocery workers nationwide, including hundreds of Raley’s workers across the Bay Area, Northern California, the Valley, and parts of Nevada. At Raley’s, we’re coming together with the support of UFCW and starting unions for a more secure future at our company. 

By starting unions at Raley’s, we establish a powerful collective voice. This lets us communicate our needs as a united group of grocery workers and change our stores for the better! Raley’s has committed to remaining neutral as we start our unions, which gives us the opportunity to work with them and negotiate the safety policies, scheduling practices, and wages we need to do our best work. 

If you want to learn more about what it could look like to have a union at your Raley’s store – fill out the form below to get connected with an organizer near you! They’ll reach out to answer your questions and discuss your experience at the company.

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What We’re Fighting For:

Living Wages

We deserve fair pay for our commitment to creating an outstanding customer experience at Raley’s.

Safe Stores & Working Conditions

We need comprehensive safety procedures secured in writing, such as protection from shoplifting, harassment, and other forms of in-store violence. Grocery workers across California are already working with UFCW to incorporate these protections into their union contracts, and we’re fighting for the same level of security at all Raley’s stores.

Consistent Schedules

We need balanced schedules and consistency in the allotment of full-time positions, so we can ensure adequate coverage at all times.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

When we have strong healthcare, guaranteed pension plans, and other benefits that reflect our dedication to our jobs, we’re able to live balanced lives and do our best work. Having a union lets us negotiate key benefits and make Raley’s a place for a great career.

Protection from Job Automation

More and more grocery stores across the country are expanding the implementation of self-checkout systems, but these machines can be problematic for workers and customers. 

At Raley’s, we’re fighting to ensure our jobs and the customer experience aren’t impacted by understaffing and other issues that come with the rapid expansion of self-checkout counters.

Respect for our Essential Work

All grocery workers are essential workers, and we deserve respect for the work we do to keep our communities fed. Having a union gives us a voice to stand up for ourselves and respect for the value we bring to Raley’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raley’s already a union company?

Many Raley’s workers have already started their unions and joined the UFCW family. At some Raley’s stores, we see a mix of union and non-union staff, all working under the same roof.

We believe that ALL Raley’s workers deserve to have a union, so we’re connecting with even more team members across California to make the company a better place for everyone. 

What is “Neutrality” when it comes to union campaigns? Has Raley’s agreed to remain neutral?

A “neutrality agreement” refers to when a company’s management or leadership pledges not to interfere with a union organizing drive. This means that workers can decide whether they want to form a union, and management won’t try to convince them otherwise. 

Raley’s has promised to remain neutral as we keep expanding our union. The power of our collective voice made this neutrality agreement possible, and we’re excited for a future at Raley’s where we work alongside the company to make our stores better. 

Which UFCW Local Offices Represent Raley’s Workers?

At Raley’s, we’re currently working with a few of UFCW local offices to build a strong union, including UFCW Locals 5, 8, 711, and 99! 

When you reach out to a UFCW organizer about starting a union at Raley’s, they’ll pinpoint which local office your store falls under and get you connected with all the right people.

What kind of benefits do Raley’s workers and grocery workers across the country see with a union?

Through starting a union and negotiating a contract, workers at Raley’s and subsidiaries of the company have secured strong healthcare policies, pension plans, and guaranteed wage increases for many different positions in their stores.

I like my job at Raley’s – why would I want to start a union?

While there are plenty of things that Raley’s workers like about the company, having a union gives us the power to improve our working conditions even further. Having key protections and benefits written into a contract empowers us to do our best work and ensures we maintain high standards across the grocery industry. We can secure the policies and procedures that we like, and address the ones that need to be updated.

Will talking about a union with my coworkers get me into trouble?

Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), you’re allowed to talk about your working conditions with your coworkers. However, it’s always crucial to be strategic and careful with these conversations! 

If you fill out our intake form, you can connect with a UFCW organizer and learn more about how to discuss your union safely.

How do I start a union at my Raley’s store?

You can get started by reaching out to one of our UFCW organizers! We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of grocery workers start unions at their stores, and we’re here to answer your questions about forming a union Raley’s. Fill out the form below to get the ball rolling!

Want to Start a Union at Your Raley’s Store?

Ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits and better lives? If you are, the steps to joining the UFCW are simple.

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