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Food and Beverage Production

UFCW is the union for food and beverage processing and production workers.

The UFCW represents thousands of workers at food and beverage processing and production facilities across the country at major companies like Campbells, Pepsi, Kraft, Welchs and more! We believe that your work deserves respect AND the wages and benefits to back it up. 

When you have a union, you have a voice – made strong by you and your coworkers’ ability to work with your employer and get your working conditions guaranteed in writing. Not only should you be able to speak out or stop the line when your safety is risk, you should also have a say in what those health and safety standards are to begin with.

A union contracts gives you and your coworkers the power to establish a standard operating procedure that ensures everyone in your facility follows the same guidelines. In this contract, you can secure essential benefits and protections such as consistent schedules, paid vacation and sick time, guaranteed raises, and seniority benefits – giving you the work-life balance, financial stability, and the recognition you deserve.

While there are many unionized food and beverage production facilities and warehouses, not all are. But UFCW and your coworkers across the country want to help change that! No matter where you work or what you’re producing – you deserve a union contract and the benefits that come with it.

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The Union Difference at Nestle

Start a Union at Your Food and Beverage Processing and Production Facility.

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What’s in Our Members’ Contracts?

Better Raises and Overtime Pay

Having a union means having a voice. That’s how food and beverage workers nationwide have secured guaranteed yearly raises in their contacts on top of already competitive wages. Many have also bargained for overtime pay – providing them with time-and-a-half on shifts over 8 hours. 

Higher Safety Standards

You should never have to work without the proper training or PPE. When you have a union contract, you can secure the proper equipment and regular training. Your facility is then held accountable to those standards.

Work-Life Balance

You deserve to not only be able to make a living wage, but be given the time to enjoy your life. Facilities like the Nestle plant in St. Louis, MO have a maximum of 12 hours in a day or 60 hours in a week, unless they choose otherwise.

Protections Against Favoritism

When you have a union, it’s your experience and expertise that matters most – not who’s closest to management. Everyone in your facility deserves to be treated equally and with respect. That’s why ensuring that seniority is recognized is a top priority in our members’ contracts.

Who We Represent

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