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Patagonia Union

We Are Unionizing Patagonia!

At Patagonia, we work hard to outfit our customers with sustainable gear for all their outdoor endeavors. We’re an integral part of the company’s mission to sell the best products and protect the planet, and we deserve to be treated like it. 

By starting a union at Patagonia, we get a voice on the job and a say in how things are run. We’re using our collective voice to secure important protections and negotiate our wages, benefits, and working conditions. 

As a Patagonia worker, you also deserve the protections and benefits that come with having a union! Join our up-and-coming national movement by adding your information to the form below. We’ll get you connected with an organizer so you can learn everything you need to know about starting a union at your Patagonia store.

Start a Union at Your Patagonia

  • Tell us more about yourself

  • Where do you work?

  • What brings you here today?

    Can you tell us more about your experience at work and what you want to improve there?
  • *By providing my cell phone number, I consent to receive blast text messages and robocalls on any topic from my local UFCW, International Union, and their affiliates. I reserve the right to opt-out at any time. We promise that we will not abuse your consent to text or call you.

The Patagonia Union Story:

At Patagonia in Reno, NV, we started coming together and talking about our working conditions because we realized change was needed at our store. We filed for our election, voted Union Yes, and won our election in March of 2024. 

Now, we’re focused on keeping the momentum going and negotiating the deal we need to do our best work. Together we’ll win better benefits and conditions while protecting our jobs, and we can’t wait to see who joins us next from Patagonia.

What We’re Fighting For

Predictable Schedules 

We need stable schedules that work for us! Receiving steady schedules ahead of time helps us thrive in our work and personal lives and commit to Patagonia’s mission in the long run. Having balanced scheduling policies in a union contract helps us do our best work and make Patagonia a great place for a career.

Guaranteed minimum staffing levels

When we have enough people working each and every shift, we’re empowered to do our best work. Having a union and the ability to negotiate staffing policies can help us ensure that we get enough coverage in our stores – at all times.

Living wages that reflect our expertise and workload

We deserve living wages for going the extra mile, working long hours, and keeping our stores running smoothly. Forming a union and negotiating a strong contract helps us secure the pay we need to live where we work.

A Voice on the Job

Patagonia recognizes the value that we bring to stores nationwide, but we deserve fair treatment for our commitment to the company’s mission. Having a union helps us get the voice we deserve, a say in how our stores are run, and respect for all our hard work.

Safe In-Store Conditions

We need clean stores and safe, organized back rooms to help us stay safe on the job. With a union, we can get adequate safety procedures solidified in writing.

Recent Victories:

Reno, Nev. – Workers at the Patagonia store in Reno, Nevada voted to join United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 711, becoming the first Patagonia store in the country to unionize. These workers are joining a wave of outdoor industry professionals who have recently unionized with the UFCW and Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it look like to work with the UFCW and start a union at your Patagonia Store? 

Us Patagonia workers in Reno, NV, are currently working to secure the benefits, job protections, and working conditions we need to thrive. The UFCW are our partners – helping us navigate the process of organizing, bargaining, and getting our union off the ground. 

When you reach out to a UFCW organizer and form a union at your Patagonia store, you are taking a step to secure the right to negotiate your wages, working conditions, or benefits with your coworkers. You also get someone guiding you through the organizing process and answering any questions that come up along the way. 

How many Patagonia stores across the country are unionized? 

On the heels of our first union victory in Reno, we’re excited to be hearing from more Patagonia workers from across the country who are ready to take the next step and start their unions. This will enable us to grow our collective voice even further! 

Ready to learn more about what it looks like to unionize your Patagonia store? Reach out here and get connected with an organizer. 

I like working at Patagonia – why would I want to form a union?

While there are many things we love about working at Patagonia, starting a union gives us the power to make things even better. Having protections and benefits written into a contract empowers us to do our best work and shape the future of our company. We can secure the policies and procedures that we like, and strive to improve the ones that need reworking! 

Would unionizing change the things that I like about my Patagonia store?

No, it wouldn’t! Forming a union helps you protect what you already love and improve the things you want to see changed. 

When you have a union, Patagonia needs to negotiate with you and your coworkers before making changes to the way things operate at your store. This means – if there’s something you really like about the way your store is run, you can work to protect it!

Will talking about a union at work get me in trouble? 

You have a legal right, under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, to talk about your working conditions with your coworkers at Patagonia, even when you’re at work. 

However, it’s important to have these conversations strategically and carefully. You can connect with a UFCW organizer to talk about the best way to initiate these conversations and map out your workplace carefully.

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