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Nestle Union

UFCW is the union for Nestle workers.

UFCW, America’s food processing union, represents workers at Nestle production facilities across the country. We know your work is valuable and you deserve respect along with the best wages and benefits available. When you have a union at your plant, you and your coworkers have a voice and the ability to negotiate raises, time off, benefits, safety standards, and pensions.

We know Nestle workers have always been essential and should be treated that way. You deserve stable schedules so you can balance work and life, wages that you and your family can live on, and a safe workplace where your experience and seniority matter. 

Unfortunately, not every Nestle facility is unionized, and the UFCW and your coworkers across the country want to help change that. No matter what Nestle plant you’re at – you deserve a union contract and the benefits that come with it!

Ready to start a union at your Nestle plant?

Ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits, and better lives? Schedule a call and learn more about why your coworkers are unionizing.

The Benefits of a Nestle Union Contract

Better Wages

Union Nestle workers have secured guaranteed yearly raises in their contacts on top of already competitive wages. Having a job at Nestle should mean making enough to provide for you and your family no matter what facility you work at.

Seniority Matters

Your experience and expertise matter. That’s why ensuring that your seniority is recognized and respected is a top priority in negotiating our union contracts.

No Favoritism

There’s no room for favoritism in a union. We believe ALL Nestle workers deserve equal and fair treatment when it comes to pay, promotions, schedules, and more.

Higher Safety Standards

You should never have to work a job where you don’t have the proper training or PPE. With a union contract, you can make sure proper standards are put in place and Nestle is held accountable to those standards.

Guaranteed Schedules

Finding the balance between work and life shouldn’t be so hard. That’s why at union Nestle facilities in places like St. Louis, MO, we have set requirements like a maximum of 12 hours in a day or 60 hours in a week unless you say otherwise.

Retirement Benefits

Your years of service at Nestle mean something, and you should be rewarded for your contributions. With a union contract, you are able to negotiate your pensions and retirement benefits. In Fort Dodge, IO, Nestle is required by contract to contribute $44.50 per month (multiplied by years of service) to our members’ pensions.

Job Security and Grievance Procedures

You should never have to worry about whether or not you’ll still have a job next week. With a union contract, there are protections and grievance procedures set in place so that your boss can’t fire or discipline you unfairly.

We are the Nestle Union

Start a union at your Nestle plant.

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