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MOM’s Organic Markets Union

Start a Union at MOM’s Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market workers are coming together to make their store a better place to work and secure the benefits they deserve. At the UFCW, America’s grocery union, we believe that all MOM’s workers deserve a voice on the job, consistent schedules, wages they can live on, guaranteed raises, and real job security – all protected by a union contract. 

Over the past few months, we’ve seen first hand what happens when MOM’s workers come to together and demand respect and fight for their rights – real change happens. Learn more about how you can join your coworkers in DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in making MOM’s a better place for everyone. Fill out the form below to learn more!

Stable Schedules

Having a consistent schedule means having a consistent paycheck. No one should have to work about whether or not they’ll have enough hours to take care of themself or their family. That’s why we fight for contracts that set minimum requirements for hours that the company must follow unless you say otherwise.

Living Wages

At the UFCW, we believe that one good job should be enough to live on. As inflation rises so should your paycheck. When you start a union at your MOM’s, you can negotiate for set pay scales and guaranteed raises that keep up with the cost of living.

A Voice at Work

You are the reason MOM’s is successful, and you deserve a say in how that success is shared. 

Having a union means having a voice in the policies that affect your daily work life. You and your coworkers are able to negotiate a contract that improves your working conditions and guarantees the benefits you need.

No Favoritism

There is no room for favoritism in a union. Here, experience and merit matter, not who your manager likes best that week. All MOM’s workers deserve equal and fair treatment when it comes to pay, promotions, and schedules.

Job Security

You should never have to worry about whether or not you’ll still have a job next week. With a union contract, there are protections and grievance procedures set in place so that your boss can’t fire or discipline you unfairly.

Start a Union at Your MOM’s

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Latest News

Workers Unionize at College Park MOM’s Organic Market

COLLEGE PARK, MD. — The workers organizing committee released the following statement:

“We, the workers of MOM’s Organic Market College Park are proud to have formed our union today and are looking forward to the next steps in building our union. We thank the community of College Park and our co-workers at our fellow MOM’s Organic Market stores – union and non union alike – for their solidarity as we fought for this union. We are proud of what we have built together as colleagues and look forward to showing you all what we will build in the New Year together.”

The College Park store is the third MOM’s Organic Market to unionize. In August, workers at a Baltimore store in Hampden voted overwhelmingly in favor of unionizing with the Teamsters, and in October, workers at the MOM’s Organic Market in Timonium voted to unionize as well.”


Hear from a Union Co-Op Member:

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