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Virginia’s Kroger Union

UFCW is the union for Kroger workers in Virginia.

United Food and Commercial Workers Union represents 835,000 grocery store workers at major companies across the country including Kroger and many of its other banners. Unfortunately, not every Kroger store in Virginia has union representation. At the UFCW, we believe all Kroger workers deserve living wages, stable schedules, safe workplaces, and so much more — backed by a union contract.

When you start a union at work, you get a say in your wages and benefits along with the policies that affect your day-to-day work life. You work hard to keep your stores running, and that hard work deserves respect. That’s why Kroger workers all over Virginia are coming together to unionize their stores. Want to learn how you can join them? Click below to schedule a call with a union organizer!

BREAKING NEWS: Kroger Workers at Store #575 in Smithfield, Virginia Win Their Union!

Kroger workers in Smithfield, Virginia, have voted YES to start their union with UFCW Local 400. Shortly after winning their union election, they were able to negotiate for wage increases and are happy to announce that every employee at the store received an immediate raise or bonus. The average increase for full-timers was $2.31/hour (more than $4,800/year!) and part-timers gained $1.46/hour on average (more than $1,500/year!).

It PAYS to Be Union!

You and your coworkers are the reason Kroger is successful. You all deserve a say in how that success is shared. Schedule a call with one of our organizers to learn more about how starting a union can help you secure the wages, benefits, and respect you deserve.

Hear From Your Union Kroger Coworkers!

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