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Essential Worker Study

Essential Worker Health Survey

As we head into another year of working on the front lines of COVID-19, it is critical that we better understand how this pandemic has and will impact you and all our members.  

For the sake of your health and safety, we believe essential workers must remain a priority when it comes to improving workplace safety, accessing life-saving vaccinations, and receiving critical resources that will save lives and stop the spread of this disease.  

To better understand how we improve workplace safety, and the impact that the pandemic has and will have, the UFCW has partnered with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and FORWARD, the national databank for rheumatic diseases, to launch a long-term, national Essential Worker Health Survey.

The Essential Worker Health Survey will help us better understand the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on workers and on all our families. By learning more about how this disease impacts frontline workers like you, we can learn about what steps we must take to better protect you in the workplace. 

Join the Essential Worker Health Survey today.

Essential Worker Health Survey Key Findings

So far, over 5500 workers have participated in the Essential Worker Health Survey. 

If you want to make sure your own COVID-19 experience is included in the survey, there’s still time to sign up. Click here to sign up for the Essential Worker Health Survey. Your survey responses will be kept anonymous and your privacy will be protected. 

Here are the latest key findings:

Want to see more findings? Click here to see the video.

Essential Worker Study Participants: Have a question about COVID-19 or the vaccines? Ask. Dr. Alison!

Thank you for doing your part by contributing to this health survey and for being a member of our union family. 

Essential Worker Health Survey

Tell fellow UFCW members in your workplace about the Essential Worker Health Survey.

Download and post the Essential Worker Health Survey flyer (English or Spanish) on your bulletin board. Click on the image to download the PDF.



In partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and FORWARD.

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