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Cargill Union

We are the Cargill Workers Union.

Thousands of Cargill employees across the United States have come together to make our meatpacking plants better with a union contract. UFCW, America’s food processing & meatpacking union, provides the resources and support to help us fight for safer plants with fairer working conditions and better benefits.

For Cargill members who want to get in touch with a union rep: visit our Contact Us page to get started.

Do you want to start a union at your Cargill plant? Fill out our form and talk to a union organizer!

What We’re Fighting For

Better Wages

Union Cargill workers have the ability to negotiate together for higher base wages and guaranteed wage increases. Having a job at Cargill should mean making enough to provide for you and your family, no matter what facility you work at.

Seniority Matters

Your experience and expertise matter. That’s why ensuring that your seniority is recognized and respected is a top priority in negotiating our union contracts.

No Favoritism

There’s no room for favoritism when you have a union. At our unionized Cargill plants, our contracts guarantee equal and fair treatment when it comes to pay, promotions, schedules, and more.

Higher Safety Standards

You should never have to work a job where you don’t have the proper training, safe working conditions, or PPE. With a union contract, you can make sure proper standards are put in place and Cargill is held accountable to those standards.

Protected Sick Leave

With a union contract, we can improve their sick leave policy and negotiate for more sick days with the company. More importantly, our contracts help us make sure that Cargill follows existing standards for sick leave policy.

Where Are There Union Cargill Plants?

Start a Union at Your Cargill

  • Want to unionize your Cargill plant? Fill out this form to speak with an organizer!

  • What brings you here today?

    Can you tell us more about your experience at work and what you want to improve there?
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