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Bob’s Discount Furniture Union

We’re Building a Better Bob’s Together

We are the Bob’s Discount Furniture Union: a group of Bob’s workers from across the country who are coming together to get our benefits guaranteed with a union contract. With the support of UFCW, America’s Retail Union, we are keeping our Bob’s stores a great place to work.

We know that our product knowledge and customer service skills are what make Bob’s a successful business. So when corporate leadership started to chip away at what makes our company run right, we knew it was time to start our union. We want to build a better Bob’s Discount Furniture – one where we have the resources we need to serve our customers and the wages and benefits we need to support ourselves and our families.

Right now, there are 16 unionized Bob’s Discount Furniture stores (and counting!) across New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. This movement is growing, and we’ll keep organizing until all our Bob’s coworkers have a union contract! 

Ready to become #17? Fill out the form below to schedule a time to talk to one of us about how we unionized our stores and how you can too!

We are the Bob’s Discount Furniture Union

What We’re Fighting For

Consistent Working Conditions

Recently, Bob’s Corporate has made changes to some of the policies and benefits that made this job great. When you have a union, the company can’t make changes to your working conditions without negotiating with you first. That’s how we were able to keep things like our Best of Bob’s bonus rewards in their entirety, with a choice to receive our earned commission paid on a monthly or weekly basis – by securing that in our union contract.

Job Security

At union Bob’s stores, there’s no question as to whether you’ll have a job next week. Starting a union gives you and your coworkers the ability to secure protections against unjust discipline and negotiate for retirement plans and fair layoff policies.


The majority of unionized Bob’s workers have access to an employee-controlled health plan, allowing us to choose our own providers and keeping healthcare affordable for us and our families.

Fair Schedules and Hours

When our wages are defined by commission, it’s crucial that we all have access to consistent hours that let us meet our needs. With a union, we can make sure that happens by defining scheduling policies in our contracts.

More, Better Perks

By coming together and using our collective voice, we’ve been able to negotiate for additional quality-of-life policies like guaranteed training pay and Summer Sunday time off. 

What do you want to win with your first union contract?

Recent Victories

Bob’s Discount Furniture Workers in New York Join Local 888

NESCONSET, New York. — On April 5, workers at the Bob’s Discount Furniture store in Nesconset, N.Y. , joined UFCW Local 888 for a better life.

The 20 workers, who are employed as guest experience specialists, joined our union family because they were concerned about constant changes in their working conditions, and wanted the same benefits as their colleagues at Bob’s Discount Furniture stores in other locations in New Jersey and New York, who are also members of UFCW Local 888. UFCW Local 888’s campaign to organize these workers included connecting them to their unionized Bob’s Discount Furniture colleagues to learn about the union difference and the power of being a UFCW member.


Dartmouth, MA Bob’s Discount Furniture Unionizes with UFCW Local 328

DARTMOUTH, Mass. — Congratulations to the workers at Bob’s Discount Furniture in North Dartmouth, MA, on winning their union election! Welcome to our union family!

They become the second location to join Local 328 (Attleboro joined in 2014) and the 14th store across the company to unionize. On the same day the North Dartmouth workers won their union election, the workers at the Shelby Township location in Michigan filed for theirs. Solidarity to all Bob’s workers standing together!


Bob’s Discount Furniture Workers in Shelby Township, MI Join UFCW Local 876

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. — On the same day as their sibling store in North Dartmouth, MA, salespeople at Bob’s Discount Furniture in Shelby Township voted in favor of workplace protections and benefits. We welcome these workers to the UFCW 876 family!


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