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A message for grocery and retail workers from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

March 29, 2020 Updated: September 8, 2020

Region 1 Grocery Worker
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The work UFCW members are doing is mission-critical during this crisis, and they need the necessary protections to keep them and their customers safe. It’s time for every state to recognize our members as a vital part of the front line.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy had a message for grocery workers on the front lines during the coronavirus outbreak:

“I know you have been working long and hard hours helping our fellow residents, and make no mistake each and every one of your is a vital part of our front line emergency reponse team. The work you’re doing to ensure that our families are provided for is mission critical to our getting through this emergency. I know this time to be hard on you personally and professionally. I know you need and deserve to be protected on the job”

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