UFCW and RWDSU Members Support Guitar Center Workers with National Day of Action

UFCW and UFCW/RWDSU members participated in a national day of action on July 11 to show their support for Guitar Center workers. Members leafleted customers and talked to workers at Guitar Center stores about workers joining the UFCW/RWDSU to have a union voice on the job and to also call on the company to bargain in good faith with workers during contract negotiations. Workers at Guitar Center stores in Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas have already voted to join the UFCW/RWDSU.

UFCW Locals 1, 7R, 8GS, 21, 27, 75, 135, 152, 328, 367, 400, 455, 464A, 540, 700, 881, 1000, 1208, 1360, 1428, 1439, 1442, 1459, 1473, 1546, and 1564 along with UFCW/RWDSU Locals 108, 338, and 1034 participated and more than 50 Guitar Center stores were leafleted across the country. Guitar Center workers are demanding fair wages, affordable benefits, paid sick days, and a fair contract. Locals can support Guitar Center workers by:

-Calling Guitar Center corporate headquarters at 818-735-8800 or tweeting @GuitarCenter and telling CEO Mike Pratt that workers deserve a fair contract

-Calling 212-684-5300 or emailing to become involved in the campaign

Guitar Center L5 Guitar Center L540 TX Guitar Center L1000 - L540 Guitar Center local1034 Guitar Center L400 Guitar Center L1564 AlbQ NM

Book Culture Workers Win Strike

Book Culture workers in New York City went on strike in support of their coworkers who were fired for voting to join the RWDSU. Most of the workers have since been re-hired following the strike.

Book Culture workers in New York City went on strike in support of their coworkers who were fired for voting to join the RWDSU. Most of the workers have since been re-hired following the strike.

Four terminated workers at two New York City Book Culture bookstores were re-hired a day after their colleagues walked off the job to support them. The workers were fired from Book Culture last week after casting votes to have a union voice on the job and join the RWDSU.

“I feel great. I’m so relieved and glad we didn’t have to go any further. I’m relieved to finally get back to work,” said Kerry Henderson, one of the fired workers. Book Culture workers walked off the job in protest of their coworkers being fired and business at the stores slowed to a trickle as the community rallied behind the workers. Workers from the two locations recently voted overwhelmingly to join the RWDSU in hopes of creating a channel with management to improve the working environment and make other positive changes at the stores.

“We like working at Book Culture, and we like the stores. But the underlying thing is that everyone wants a collective voice, and more direct pathways to raises and promotions,” said Bec Goodbourne, one of the fired workers who leafleted on a picket line near the 112th Street Book Culture store.

UFCW Locals Participate in AFL-CIO’s Bonnie Ladin Union Skills Training Program

unionskillslogo_150UFCW local staff members are upgrading their skills at the AFL-CIO’s Bonnie Ladin Union Skills (BLUS) Training Program.  The program is designed for union leaders, staff and community activists and offers hands-on training around the areas of union administration; collective bargaining; organizing; arbitration and grievance handling; communications and media; and best financial practices.

Taught by a group of experienced instructors, the BLUS program brings together rising union activists and community allies with the end goal of helping participants to better serve their unions and communities.  The program was recently named after former union organizer and National Labor College professor Bonnie Ladin, who passed away in 2010.

“I thought the course I took, which revolved around contract negotiations, was one of the best courses that I had the opportunity to attend,” said Rhonda Judd, a manufacturing and processing coordinator at UFCW Local 227. “I encourage my colleagues at other UFCW locals to participate in this training program because it’s well worth it.”

UFCW local staff members are encouraged to participate in the program, which will be held at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum Heights, Md. Click here for more information and to sign up for the nest round of classes that start in the fall.