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Maryland UFCW Locals 27, 400, 1994 MCGEO Jointly Endorse Wes Moore for Governor of Maryland

September 12, 2022

Unions Endorsing Moore Collectively Represent Thousands of Maryland Essential Workers

MARYLAND – Today, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 27, Local 400, and Local 1994 MCGEO announced their endorsement of Wes Moore and Aruna Miller to be Maryland’s next Governor and Lt. Governor in a joint statement.

Local Union Presidents Jason Chorpenning (Local 27), Mark Federici (Local 400), and Gino Renne (Local 1994 MCGEO) released the following joint statement:

“Collectively our unions represent thousands of Maryland’s hard-working, essential workers who have kept the state running through a deadly pandemic and the economic impacts that followed. We firmly believe that Wes Moore and Aruna Miller will be champions for UFCW members as the next Governor and Lt. Governor. From empowering Maryland’s Department of Labor to enforce our labor laws to confronting cost of living issues, the Moore-Miller team has a plan that will support all of Maryland’s working families. Together, we can ensure our state is one that supports the working people who keep it running.”

In response to UFCW Locals 27, 400, and 1994 MCGEO’s endorsement, Wes Moore, candidate for Governor of Maryland, released the following statement:

“Leave no one behind isn’t just a message, it’s a mission. And our unions are on the frontlines of that mission. That’s why I’m grateful to have UFCW in the fight with me to provide more pathways to work, wages, and wealth for Maryland families. Rising costs and inflation are crippling families across Maryland, and as the next Governor, I’ll do everything I can to help our struggling working families and the organizations that protect them.”

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