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Acme Markets Workers Win Better Wages and Benefits With New Contract

July 3, 2024

Nearly 2,000 UFCW Local 152 members who work at Acme Markets stores in southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware recently ratified a new contract. These workers are employed in the meat, seafood, deli, and some bakery departments.

The four-year contract preserves the members’ high-quality health care with no out-of-pocket cost-sharing. In addition, all year-round members – including top-of-scale workers – will receive an immediate across-the-board wage increase, annual raises for the life of the agreement, and a “lump sum” bonus. Department Heads will receive additional increases, and night shift workers will now receive a boosted $3.00 per hour differential. The contract also updates the progression scale to more competitive wages.

Workers at Acme Markets traditionally had to use their vacation time in weekly increments. With the implementation of the new contract, members may request all time off in single-day increments, allowing them to distribute their vacation days more conveniently. All employees can now carry over one week of vacation to the following year.

The new contract also allows part-time members to hold the title of Shop Steward, and the negotiating committee secured more paid training and education time for all stewards. Members now have the opportunity to participate in the voluntary supplemental benefits offered by the local’s preferred benefits provider, including life insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, and more. Additionally, Acme Markets has agreed to maintain members’ monthly contribution rates to the UFCW Local 152 Savings Fund.

Formal language was added to the contract for extenuating circumstances such as pandemics and dangerous emergencies. This language gives UFCW Local 152 an open door to have discussions with Acme Markets in the event of these emergencies to discuss safety issues, hazard pay, and more.

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