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Step Up, Kroger. Keep Stores Safe.

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Why Isn’t Kroger Keeping Our Stores Safer?

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across Houston and our Kroger stores are facing a deadly spike: nearly 500 infections and 2 deaths have been reported since Christmas.

We want to provide you with the safest shopping experience possible. Customers like you deserve to know the truth. Here are the ongoing health and safety issues Kroger isn’t addressing:

  • not deep cleaning the store daily or after major shopping rushes
  • not sanitizing shopping carts or baskets after each use
  • not providing time for workers to wash their hands or sanitize their workstations

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We want to serve you, our customers safely but we need your help calling on Kroger to step up. Join thousands of Houstonians in telling Kroger to step up and make our grocery stores a safer place to work and shop.

What Kroger Workers and Customers are Saying

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Remember to text ‘SaferKroger’ to 52886 to sign up for important health & safety alerts for your local store.

Together, we can make our local Kroger a better and safer place to work and shop.