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IKEA Union

We’re unionizing at IKEA stores nationwide! 

IKEA workers across the world have already started unions, improved their working conditions, and secured key job protections in writing. That’s why we’re following the example of IKEA stores in other countries and taking action here in the United States.

We’re unionizing at IKEA stores nationwide to ensure the company remains a great place to work. We love our jobs, but having a union will help us protect what makes our jobs good and make them even stronger. IKEA has promised that they’ll respect our decision to unionize here in the U.S, and we’re excited to collaborate with the company as we continue to get our union off the ground! 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can get plugged into our evolving national movement, now is the time to get the ball rolling. Starting a union at IKEA now lets us protect the policies that are already working for us and set a higher standard for how we should be treated moving forward.

Fill out the form below to reach out to a UFCW union organizer. They’ll connect with you to chat about what things are like at your IKEA store.

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  • Where do you work?

  • What brings you here today?

    Can you tell us more about your experience at work and what you want to improve there?
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How a Union Can Make IKEA Better

We are choosing to unionize because we care about our jobs, our colleagues and are committed to building a better IKEA. When we start a union at our IKEA stores, we get a true voice on the job. A union guarantees all employees the space to provide real input into the conversations affecting our workplace, especially when implementing new top-down changes from corporate. We know that real inclusion and communication will make our company stronger.

For instance, having a union lets us directly negotiate policies like fair minimum staffing levels, enough hours, and enhanced wages and benefits. This ensures we have enough coverage on the floor at all times and the resources to support ourselves and our families – helping us set better work-life boundaries and avoid burnout.

When you connect with a UFCW union organizer, you’ll be able to discuss what you love about your store and what could be improved on. Fill out the form above to get started on making IKEA an even better place to work!

What We’re Fighting For:

Consistent Hours & Schedules

We’re starting a union to ensure we get sufficient hours and predictable schedules. We need balance in our lives, and that all starts with knowing exactly when we’re going to be working each week.

Benefits & Working Conditions Secured In Writing

We love working at IKEA, and having a union lets us protect the benefits and working conditions we enjoy most. We can secure all the policies that we like about our stores in a union contract, and IKEA won’t be able to change these without negotiating with us first!

Living Wages

IKEA workers in other countries have used the power of their unions to secure living wages and set a high standard for what they’re worth. We’re unionizing to ensure we get similar pay increases here in the U.S.

Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage

We deserve affordable premiums and healthcare coverage that lets us tend to our wellbeing, all year long.

Protection from Job Automation and Artificial Intelligence

We need protections from artificial intelligence, job automation, and other technologies that threaten our job security. With a union contract, we can negotiate policies that protect our jobs and our futures.

Policies that Address Favoritism and Unfair Treatment

Opportunities for upward mobility at IKEA should be rooted in hard work and strong performance, not favoritism. That’s why we’re fighting for clear & transparent opportunities for upward mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is a Union?

A union is you and your coworkers coming together to make your workplace better. With a union, you get a voice on the job and more of a say in how your store is run. You and your coworkers get to work with your managers and IKEA’s leadership to implement policies that work for everyone! 

Where is IKEA already unionized?

IKEA workers in Korea, Sweden, Australia, Germany, France, and other European countries have already come together and made historic improvements to their stores with unions. For instance, they recently won significant wage increases – which we’re working to secure here in the U.S. 

Is IKEA pro or anti-union? 

Since IKEA already has so many unionized stores across the world, they’ve agreed to remain “neutral” as we start our union in the U.S. 

What does this mean? Well, by agreeing to remain neutral, IKEA pledges not to interfere with our union organizing. They’ll let us decide whether union representation is right for us, without trying to steer us in one direction or the other!

What if I like my manager? Will our relationship change if a start a union?

No – starting a union at IKEA will not get in the way of your relationship with your manager(s). In fact, a union will improve conditions for everyone, including managers, by setting higher standards for wages and benefits at IKEA. You’ll still work with them every day to keep your store running smoothly.

However, starting at your IKEA store lets you establish consistent standards for how you’re treated by your manager. With a union, you get protection from unfair retaliation and a voice to secure the workplace policies you need!

Would starting a union change the things that I love about IKEA? 

Even if you love working for IKEA, having a union at your store can help you make things even better! Without a union, IKEA’s leadership can change our benefits and working conditions whenever they want, and they don’t have to consult us before making big changes. 

However, when we have a union, IKEA can’t take away or change the things we love without first negotiating those changes with us. That’s why it’s important we start our union now – to make sure we hold onto the policies that make IKEA an excellent place to work. 

Am I allowed to talk about starting a union while I’m at my store? 

Yes! According to the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA), you’re allowed to talk about starting a union (or your working conditions in general) while you’re on the clock. This means you can chat with your coworkers about forming a union at IKEA. 

Talking to all of your coworkers about this process is no small task at workplaces as big as ours, but you can learn more about the safest ways to talk about a union by reaching out to a UFCW union organizer!

How do I start my union at IKEA? 

You can get your union off the ground by filling out the form above and connecting with a UFCW union organizer. They can answer your questions about forming a union at IKEA and help you have strategic conversations with your coworkers. This ensures your organizing campaign is calculated and safe!  

What will I do after connecting with a UFCW union organizer? 

After you talk with a UFCW union organizer about your IKEA store, we’ll help you make a plan to start having more intentional conversations with your coworkers! You can figure out how they feel about their jobs, what they’d like to see changed at IKEA, and how much they want to help with your union campaign. 

This process is known as “workplace mapping,” and it’s a crucial part of your organizing drive. A UFCW union organizer will help you navigate this process and create an extensive map of your store, before you start taking things to the next level! 

Ready to be part of the IKEA Union?

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