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Want to Start a Union? It’s our job to help with that.

No matter your questions, we’re here to answer them and serve you.

No experience with unions? No problem. You can start a union at almost any company as long as you and your coworkers decide your job would be better with a union to back you up.

Are You Ready? Let’s go!

Hello Future Union Member

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  • What brings you here today?

    Can you tell us more about your experience at work and what you want to improve there?

We are going to have a voice at work. We work hard and we are asking for recognition, better pay, benefits, and a more predictable work schedule that allows us to better plan our lives.

– Keona Johnson, UFCW Local 368A, Albertsons

Our Benefits

A union is a proven way to make your job better. When you have a union, you and your coworkers get to have a say in your wages, schedule, vacation policy, retirement plan, store safety, and anything else that impacts your life at work.

UFCW Union Advantage With a Union No Union
Better wages and regular raises Yes No
The ability to come together with your coworkers to negotiate your pay and benefits Yes No
Guaranteed hours and stable schedules Yes No
Affordable healthcare with coverage for prescriptions, dental and vision Yes No
Free college for you and your family Yes No
More paid vacation, holidays, and sick days Yes No
A dispute procedure that legally protects you against unfair discipline or dismissal Yes No
Protections against any harassment from management Yes No
Secure retirement and pension benefits Yes No
Seniority rights when it comes to scheduling, vacation and job security Yes No
Discounts on home & life insurance, travel, car rental, legal services, cell phones, and more Yes No
Respect in your workplace Yes No
Must accept unfair or unjust discipline No Yes

Hear from our members on why they love being in a union

My union contract guarantees that I wasn’t penalized when I took maternity leave. When I returned to work my union made sure the company gave me my annual wage increase that I missed while on leave.

– Melissa Gutierrez, UFCW Local 1428, Rite Aid

This sounds great! Let’s go!