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Are you a member with a COVID-19 concern in your workplace? Please report it to us.

President Marc Perrone at the UFCW Presidential Forum 2020
About UFCW


UFCW’s leadership is democratically elected by its members. Every five years, representatives from UFCW Local Unions all across the US and Canada come together at UFCW’s Convention to debate issues, make amendments to the International Constitution, and elect officers.

Each eligible Local Union sends delegates to speak and vote on behalf of their local’s members. If you are interested in learning more about the process of becoming a delegate, contact your Local Union. 

Elected officials

Organize your workplace

Are you and your coworkers ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits and better lives? If you are, the steps to joining the UFCW are simple.

How to Get Started