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Are you a member with a COVID-19 concern in your workplace? Please report it to us.

Woman wearing mask grocery shopping during holidays

#ShopSmart during COVID-19

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Pledge to #ShopSmart during COVID-19

Help protect yourself and the workers at your local grocery store

How can you #ShopSmart?

1. Wear a mask that completely covers your nose and mouth

Always wear a mask (whether homemade or store-bought) when you shop that covers your nose and mouth.

2. Practice social distancing in stores

Whether you’re standing in line or asking a worker for assistance, keep at least 6ft between yourself and others.

3. Make a list before you shop

A prepared shopping list will minimize your time in the store and possibly reducing exposure.

4. Minimize your time in the store

Make a list, shop solo if possible. Reducing the number of people and time in the grocery store helps you and your grocery worker.

Shopping Smart Means Supporting Your Local Grocery Workers

Watch and Learn

Here’s some tips on how to #ShopSmart

How to Take the #ShopSmart Pledge


1. Take A Mask Selfie

The best superheroes wear masks! Don yours, take a pic and post it and tag it with #shopsmart #savelives.


2. Text “Shopsmart” to 23396 to take the pledge

Take the pledge to #ShopSmart and we’ll send you weekly insider tips on how you can make grocery shopping safer for everyone.


Be sure to download our #ShopSmart banner and Facebook frame promoting #shopsmart #savelives.

Download and Share Our #ShopSmart Social Graphics

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All Heroes Wear Masks

A BIG thank you to customers who rock masks while they shop. Show us how you stay safe! Tag us @ufcwunion in your #shopsmart #maskselfie on Instagram.

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