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Our Structure

UFCW Councils

International Chemical Workers Union Council

Improving on-the-job safety for members and negotiating strong contracts with good wages, benefits and job protections are the priorities the International Chemical Workers Union Council pursues to best represent members in the chemical industry.

Nationally recognized for its contributions to chemical worker safety, the council’s Center for Workers’ Health and Safety Education is located is Cincinnati, Ohio, and trains 25-30 local union members each week. The council also operates a Health and Safety Department from its headquarters that provides job site training programs. One of the most important avenues for improving job safety is legislation at both the state and national level. The council lobbies for laws and regulations that ensure chemical workers a safe workplace.

In addition to the safety programs, the wages and benefits UFCW members in the chemical industry earn demonstrates the commitment the International Chemical Workers Union Council has to its membership. With the combined effort of the council’s staff and local union leaders at the bargaining table, UFCW chemical workers take home the best wages in the industry and enjoy benefits and job security that make a substantial difference in the health and livelihood of their families, and all workers in the chemical industry.

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union District Council

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union District Council serves members in the retail food and food processing, retail and department stores, service, manufacturing and warehousing industries. Council efforts build stronger communities, safer workplaces and a brighter future for workers and their families across North America.

The council’s focus is on organizing across the United States and Canada. From supermarket deliverymen to airline caterers to poultry workers, the RWDSU Council is bringing a voice to workers with a diverse range of backgrounds in many industries. The council also puts together get-out-the-vote drives on behalf of worker-friendly candidates that make a difference on election day and extend the voice of union members to the halls of government. This organizing and political power helps workers protect hard-won gains at the bargaining table and maintain a good quality of life for their families.

The RWDSU Council stands proudly with all UFCW members in building better lives for working people—ready to grow the UFCW and RWDSU Council into the future to raise the voices of working men and women to ensure that all people share the benefits of the economies they help generate and sustain.

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