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[aesop_quote type=”pull” background=”#282828″ text=”#ffffff” width=”content” align=”center” size=”1″ quote=”No worker should have to struggle alone or in silence. When we stand strong together, we are 1.3 million men and women with the power to change lives for the better. We are the UFCW. And, we stand and fight for our union family and for all working men and women. ” parallax=”off” direction=”left”]

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Good Citizenship

All across the country, UFCW Locals are leaders in efforts to register new voters and educate workers about their voting rights and the democratic process. Helping the estimated 8.8 million Legal Permanent Residents, who could apply to become US citizens today but who are scared, don’t know how to apply, or lack the resources to do so, is a critically important initiative. Our leading programs help guide those eligible for citizenship through the process so they can become fully participating members in our democracy.


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Free Speech

Whether you’re on the clock or on social media, protecting the right to free speech and to organize freely with your coworkers is one we passionately defend. The truth is that irresponsible employers will try and prevent employees from exercise their rights by distributing employee handbooks with overly broad language aimed at restricting what workers can and cannot say. It’s reasons like this that we helped lead the fight in a recent case of Safeway workers and Local 555. To protect our members, we challenged the company’s broad and restricting policies and won, not only protecting the rights of Safeway workers, but setting a powerful precedent for all working men and women that your rights don’t disappear just because you’re on the clock.

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Better Jobs

Every day, from our local communities to our nation’s capital, our union family is committed to creating better jobs for all working people. We fight to stop trade deals that will destroy good middle class jobs, like the Trans Pacific Partnership, and improve the lives of all workers by supporting a higher minimum wage, paid leave, smart scheduling, and protecting the rights of all workers to join our union family.