You were there for us, now we're here for you.

Because of your incredible support, and the support of millions of New Englanders, our strike is over. You made the difference. You proved the power that comes from hard-working men and women standing together. Right now, in your local Stop & Shop store, our bakers, butchers, cashiers, and stockers are ready to provide you the best in customer service. And more importantly, we look forward to saying thank you. Thank you for shopping with us and standing with us. We will never forget it.

What We Won

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PAY: Increased pay & protected Sunday premium pay for all full- and part-time associates at Stop & Shop
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HEALTH CARE: Kept health care affordable at Stop & Shop with low deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. Protected spousal coverage and all ancillary benefits for current and future part-time associates
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HOLIDAYS: Kept all 10 paid holidays for full- and part-time associates and maintained holiday premium pay for all new hires
VACATION: Protected and kept ALL vacation days for part- and full-time associates
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KEEPING EXPERIENCED MEAT DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES IN EVERY STORE:  Protected skilled meat department employees from layoffs
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MINIMUM HOURS: Achieved guaranteed 20 hours per week for eligible part-timers
ENSURING RETIREMENT SECURITY: Protected pension benefits at all for current and future full-timers. Saved at least 10,000 part-time employees’ pensions, and protected a reduced defined pension plan for future part-time employees
Automation Icon
PROTECTING CUSTOMER SERVICE: Biannual meeting to discuss new technology changes and advance notice of rolling out new technology that impacts the bargaining unit (this one is for you, Marty!)
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PAVING THE WAY FOR CAREER GROWTH: Promotion from part-time to full-time will be awarded with an immediate $2/hour increase
Worker Shoe Comp
WORK SHOE ALLOWANCE: $50 voucher for work boots

Read more contract details here:  For Members   |   For Customers

Photo of Dan Fitzgerald- South Bay Stop & Shop, UFCW Local 1445

“I’d love to say thank you to our customers supporting us. They’ve been great. We love having you.”

-Dan Fitzgerald, South Bay Stop & Shop, UFCW Local 1445

“It’s crazy it had to get this far, but I’ve been really surprised by how many people came out to support us and we really appreciate it.”

-Aliyah Curry, Stop & Shop #80, UFCW Local 1459

Aliyah Curry UFCW Local 1459 member

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