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Workers Memorial Day materials

You can use the following materials to mark Workers Memorial Day:

Branded Stationary and Print Materials

The Kelly Press Local Union Store is for all stationary needs (i.e. folders, letterhead, envelopes, business cards).  The turnaround time is usually one week or less. Local unions can create their own stationary and other printed products (i.e. magazines, pamphlets and mass mailings) with the approval of the International. Please contact Susie Smith at the International office for approvals.


UFCW Official Colors

When you think of Coca Cola, what color comes to mind? What about Susan G. Komen or breast cancer awareness? Using standard colors is a key part of claiming our identity and making sure everyone knows we are all a part of the same movement. So take pride in your gold and blue!

UFCW Colors are as follows:

PMS (Pantone Matching System)*:

Blue (print) = PMS 280 Coated
Gold (print) = PMS 123 Coated

CMYK Breakdown*:

Blue (online) = 100/92/21/10
Gold (online) = 0/22/95/0
Blue (print) = 100/72/0/18
Gold (print) = 0/24/94/0

RGB Breakdown:

Blue (online)  = 0/43/127
Gold (online) = 255/198/30

Hexadecimal Breakdown:

Blue (online) : 002B7F
Gold (online) : FFC61E

Other Important Resources

  • Minimum Wage Toolkit:

Minimum Wage tearoff Cards

Minimum Wage sticker 

Minimum Wage Flyer

rally sign

Raise The Wage Facts (Talking Points)

Printable signs

Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor

Minimum Wage avatar

-Lobbying Guide:

Lobby Report Form

How to Plan a Lobby Day

10 Reasons We Lobby

7 Steps for Effective Lobbying