Bob’s Discount Associates Are Standing Together

Stronger Together

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Sales associates at ten Bob’s Discount Furniture locations have voted to join together and form a union, taking an active approach to building the strength in numbers needed to improve their jobs.

If you work at Bob’s Discount Furniture, you can be part of this movement to improve your job.  Drop us a line below or start networking with other employees on the Facebook Group.


Bob’s Discount Furniture sold a majority stake in 2005 to private equity firm Saunders, Karp & Megrue. When Apax Partners later acquired Bob’s Discount Furniture, associates were concerned about the path the company was taking as it expanded and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Sales associates at ten different locations in NY, NJ, CT, and NH are building on their strength as a unit by joining together to form a union.

“Our concerns were falling on deaf ears at Bob’s Furniture,” said Althera Greene, an associate at Bob’s Glendale, N.Y. store. “The ‘open door policy’ the company claimed became ‘If you don’t like it, the door is open for you to leave.’ Forming a union creates a voice that shouts, ‘My name is Althera, and I am more than an employee ID number!’”

By being able to pool their knowledge and skills and act collectively, workers will be able to voice their ideas and concerns with management as equals in a professional setting.

“We are tired of working harder for less than we used to while the company is making more,” says associate Mario Cacace. “We want a real say with where our future goes with Bob’s/Apax.”