The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

2 Paragon Drive
Montvale, NJ 07645


Great Atlantic & Pacific, operating under the banners A&P, Super Fresh, Sav-A-Center, Farmer Jack, Waldbaum’s, Super Foodmart, Food Basics, Best Cellars, Pathmark, and the Food Emporium, is the 22nd largest food retailer in North America in the Supermarket News rankings for 2011.

 Store Count

Great Atlantic & Pacific operates 365 stores. (Source:


Were they to convert preferred stock into common stock, Tengelmann, a German retail company, and Yucaipa, a Los Angeles-based holding company, would control 40% and 29%, respectively, of voting interest. (Source: Yahoo Finance, Great Atlantic and Pacific Company Profile)


Great Atlantic & Pacific employs 39,000 workers, of which 35,394, or 91% of total, are represented by the UFCW. Approximately 92% of the workers are covered by collective bargaining agreements. (Sources: Great Atlantic & Pacific 10-K, 2010; UFCW Contract Directory)



In 2010, Great Atlantic & Pacific generated just over $8 billion in sales, nearly 50% higher than $5.4 billion in 2006. (Source: Yahoo Finance, Great Atlantic and Pacific Company Profile)


The company has been registering net income in the red since 2007, when it had $161 million in losses. In 2010, it lost nearly $600 million. In December of 2010, Great Atlantic & Pacific filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to an overwhelming debt load of more than $3.2 billion and internal management difficulties. That same year, the company paid out $10.5 million in Preferred Stock dividends. (Sources: Great Atlantic & Pacific 10-K, 2010; Yahoo Finance, Great Atlantic and Pacific Company Profile)


The company’s debt has grown without interruption since 2006, when Great Atlantic & Pacific paid out $65 million in interest payments. In 2010, $218 million was paid out in interest payments. (Source: Great Atlantic & Pacific 10-K, 2010)