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New Black Friday Solidarity Materials Available for UFCW Members

UFCWSolidarity2-02-2-300x300As Black Friday approaches it is more important than ever that UFCW members stand together with Walmart workers as they fight to make their jobs better. By standing together in solidarity, UFCW and Walmart workers can send the message that all workers have the right for fair wages and better schedules.

Every step forward for Walmart workers is a step forward for all workers. A new website, is available with materials to help UFCW members stand in solidarity with Walmart workers. The Solidarity website features videos, a petition, and a place to sign up to attend a Black Friday protest.

Additional Black Friday materials including flyers, share graphics, and talking points are also available. Please contact Amy Gray at if you are interested in additional materials.

Walmart Workers Hold Protests in 10 Countries

Walmart action in India

Walmart action in India

Following historic sit-down strikes in Los Angeles last week, Walmart workers in 10 countries joined American workers’ protests yesterday, calling for change at Walmart. Citing similar concerns, Walmart workers in Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Colombia, Argentina, India, Canada, Switzerland and the US said they were tired of Walmart’s failure to respect basic workers’ rights.

Workers around the world want to expose Walmart’s bad labor practices throughout the company’s stores, warehouses and global supply chain.

“I’m working to build the profits of the richest family on the globe, while putting my safety at risk just to go into work,” said one supply chain worker.  “The Waltons need to see and hear what they are doing to families around the globe.  It’s shameful.”

“I am worried about how I’m going to pay for groceries this week while Alice Walton has paid off a US$200 million luxury condo in New York City,” said Emily Wells, a Walmart worker in the US.  “The Waltons are at the center of the income inequality problems that are hurting the global economy and all of our families.”

According to UNI, The Walton family is worth “$150 billion and grows that wealth by more than $8 million a day.  It would take a Brazilian Walmart worker a total of 30 million years to earn the equivalent of the Walton family’s wealth.”

Yesterday’s protests were a sign of Walmart workers’ growing discontent with the company’s low-road business model. With pressure mounting globally, American workers and their supporters pledge to take action as Black Friday nears. You can get involved by visiting

UFCW Local 431 Oscar Mayer Workers Ratify New Contract

2000px-Oscar_Mayer_logo.svg_-300x279UFCW Local 431 at the Kraft Foods-Oscar Mayer workers in Davenport, Iowa, ratified a new four-year contract last Thursday. Members overwhelmingly passed the new contract that covers about 1,200 workers at the plant. They have been working under an extended contract since July.

The contract includes a $1.40 per hour raise over the four years and maintains affordable healthcare. The agreement also includes pension and 401k increases along with improvements in the vacation policy and more vacation days.

Workers at the food processing plant produce bologna, Lunchables, and sliced lunch meats.