From Campaign Trail, Secretary Clinton Calls Into UFCW Event and Thanks Members

Clinton: “The issues your members fight for are my fights.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton called into the 2016 meeting of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) International Executive Board and Advisory Council to thank its members for their efforts in Iowa and to highlight her commitment to hard-working families across the nation.

The UFCW, the largest private sector union in the nation with 1.3 million members, announced its endorsement of Clinton for President of the United States last month and was proud to be a key part of her victory in Iowa.

During her remarks, Secretary Clinton pointed to how UFCW members and their families were vital to her close victory in Iowa, and that she was determined to fight for the issues that matter to tens of millions of working and middle class people.

Specifically, Clinton emphasized her commitment to raising wages, guaranteeing equal pay, providing paid leave, and protecting the rights of hard-working families to negotiate better lives.

The following are excerpts from Clinton’s remarks to the UFCW Executive board and Advisory Council:

On Iowa:

“It’s just meant the world to me to have your support…And I want you to know that you made a difference for me in Iowa. This was a very tight race and your members were critical votes in several precincts across the state. That helped us end up on top. And I appreciated your work on the ground, knocking on doors, talking to voters, making phone calls. And here’s something I want you to know — exit polling shows that in Iowa, union household voters made up 21% of all caucus goers. So more than one fifth of everybody who turned out on Monday night was part of a union household and I was supported by a 9 point advantage among union household voters. You made that possible.”

On issues that matter to working families:

“The issues you and your members are fighting for are my fights too…I will be your partner in the fight to raise wages, provide opportunity for paid sick time, fair scheduling for workers. I will stand up and fight for the right to organize and bargain collectively, for good wages and good working conditions and benefits. And I have a plan to make college affordable, to fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship.”

Clinton also took time to answer a question from the audience about what she will do to help workers balance work and family. She said:

“I’ve said before that we’ve got to do more to help families balance work and their families. That’s why I support twelve weeks of paid family leave, seven day of paid sick time…I am making the strength of our family, opportunities for our families, specifically those that working women have, the centerpiece of my campaign. And you’ll hear a lot about this in the months ahead.”

Clinton also took a question about whether she believes collective bargaining is a means to ending wage inequality. She said:

“I believe it. I think the evidence supports it. There’s no doubt in my mind that the labor movement and particularly collective bargaining led to the growth of the American middle class…Republicans and their special interest groups have tried to undermine organizing, undermine collective bargaining. There’s no doubt in my mind they try to diminish our standard of living and growth of the American middle class.”

Photos of UFCW members caucusing for Clinton in Iowa are attached.

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Making Change at Walmart (MCAW),  the national campaign to change Walmart, released the following statement in response to an NLRB ruling by an administrative law judge that Walmart retaliated against workers for participating in strikes.making change at walmart web logo

“Today’s decision proves beyond doubt that Walmart unlawfully fired, threatened, and disciplined hard-working employees simply for speaking out,” said Jess Levin, communications director for MCAW. Not only is this a huge victory for those workers and Walmart workers everywhere who continue to stand up for better working conditions, but it sends a message to Walmart that its workers cannot be silenced. We will continue to fight to change Walmart for the better.”


The ruling states:

  • Walmart must offer 16 former employees full reinstatement to their former jobs.
  • Walmart must give those 16 former employees back pay.
  • Walmart must hold a meeting in 29 stores to inform employees of their right to strike and vow not to threaten or discipline employees for striking.

The full ruling can be read here: http://apps.nlrb.gov/link/document.aspx/09031d4581f9c706.


UFCW Members Weigh in on What Issues They Want Addressed in Pres. Obama’s Final SOTU


via whitehouse.gov

President Obama’s final State of the Union is Tuesday evening. We asked you what issues you want addressed, or what you’d like to hear President Obama mention in the #SOTU16. Here’s what you said:

Rebuilding the Middle Class:

“How is the middle class going to get back to being middle and not lower?”

“Income inequality. Wall Street and banks are destroying the economy except for themselves. Homelessness. Immigration. People need to care.”


“That he is going to VETO TPP!”

“Fair trade. Stop the TPP #SOTU16”


“Making sure we keep Obamacare”


Student Debt:

“Student loan crisis for the older millennials–out of college for nearly a decade and crushed by debt.”

Raising the Minimum Wage:

“Wage increase across the board. People are getting screwed!!”

“$15/hr for ALL working people”

Paid Sick and Family Leave:

“Sick pay for all workers”


Many of you also noted that you want to hear about immigration, the cost of childcare, gun control, and counter-terrorism.


Here’s more of what some of our UFCW family is concerned about:

“1) Something that will lay the groundwork for future economic reforms 2) Something condemning Citizens United 3) Pride in his recent stances on gun control & environmental issues 4) A recap of his many accomplishments while in office 5)thanks or recognition to his base because we stand strong while taking a thrashing from the right wing everyday. We deserve to be proud of our President!”

“TPP; paid family leave and childcare costs; gun control”

“Break up the banks; labor law reform; minimum wage; student debt; expand Social Security”

“What can the economy look forward to in 2016 for pay wages and employment opportunities and help going back to school whether it’s an high school education or going to or returning to college”

Tune in Tuesday night to hear President Obama’s #SOTU16. We hope to hear about comprehensive plans for all of these issues and more, as we continue to fight to make our union stronger.