UFCW 227 Members Advocate for Workers During “We Are Kentuckians Rally”

UFCW 227 members joined allies and friends in the Kentucky State Capitol on January 5 at the “We Are Kentuckians Rally” for the first day of the legislative session. During the rally, members joined activists from the faith, racial justice, voting rights, environmental rights and LGBTQ communities to share their ideas and visions to help create a better future for working Kentuckians and their families. Kentucky’s new Tea Party Governor Matt Bevin has already made national news by reducing the minimum wage for state workers. He is also revoking the voting rights of almost 200,000 Kentuckians who are convicted felons, but have served their time and are looking to be productive members of society.  227 Rally Group Statue

UFCW President Perrone Statement on Customs Reauthorization Bill


For Immediate Release December 11, 2015
Contact: press@ufcw.org

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Marc Perrone, International President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), the largest private sector union in the nation, released the following statement about the Customs Reauthorization Bill.

“The Customs Reauthorization Bill is woefully inadequate and its passage will officially end any hope for turning the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) into a trade deal that will make life better for hardworking men and women.

“While supporters will undoubtedly tout its value and importance to the American economy, the reality is that this customs bill fails to address currency manipulation, climate change and human trafficking in any meaningful way. Beyond falling short in those critical areas, this bill reinforces the fact that the TPP will cause unaffordable economic damage by shipping away good-paying jobs, lowering American wages, and putting everyday people at great risk of falling even further behind.

“We urge Members of Congress to do the right thing – stop both the Customs Reauthorization Bill and the TPP trade deal.

“America’s families are struggling enough as it is to make ends meet – we shouldn’t be pursuing trade legislation that will further divide our nation and erode our economic future.”


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UFCW Local 400 Applauds Introduction of “Just Hours” Legislation in D.C.

Just-Hours-L400Last week, Mark Federici, President of UFCW Local 400, which has more than 3,000 members living in Washington, D.C., released the following statement in response to the introduction of the “Hours and Scheduling Stability Act.”

“If you ask anyone who works at a retail store in D.C. how to improve their job, the response is likely to include scheduling. Stable hours and predictable scheduling make it easier for people to plan their future and spend time with their families. Unfortunately, in the interest of maximizing their bottom lines, numerous retail stores in D.C. rely on erratic and last minute scheduling that forces people to work harder and longer and be unaware of their shift until the last moment.

“The Hours and Scheduling Stability Act would begin to curb these abusive scheduling practices by giving retail workers advance notice of their schedules, stopping on-call practices, and promoting full-time work opportunities by offering available hours to current employees before new ones are hired.

“The bottom line is that uncertain work schedules are too common in this city and they’re making it increasingly difficult for people who work at retail stores throughout D.C. to make ends meet.

“The legislation introduced today would go a long way towards ensuring retail workers in D.C. are given the consistent hours and schedules they need to create better lives for themselves and their families.

“We urge the D.C. Council to pass the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act as soon as possible.”

Summary of Bill’s Key Provisions:

 Scheduling with advance notice so that people aren’t living day-to-day:

  • Employers must post schedules 21 days in advance.
  • If an employer initiates a schedule change thereafter, the employee will receive one hour of pay as compensation for the change.
  • If the change occurs within 24 hours of a shift, the employee is awarded four hours of pay.

 Promoting full-time work opportunities so that people have enough hours to make ends meet:

  • Employers will offer available hours to qualified current employees before hiring new employees.

 Stopping abusive “on-call” practices so families can plan their lives:

  • If an employer cancels an employee’s shift or declines to call in an “on-call” employee with less than 24 hours’ notice, the employee will receive four hours of pay.
  • The law already guarantees employees a minimum daily pay of four hours when they report to work – this provision would simply close the “on-call” shift loophole.

 Ensuring equal treatment for hourly employees:

  • An employer may not discriminate against employees of the same job qualification with regard to rate of pay, leave and promotion opportunities regardless of hours worked.

 Who does this legislation apply to?

  • Chain retail employers with at least five establishments nationwide; and chain fast-food and full-service restaurants with at least 20 establishments nationwide.

For more information, please visit the DC Just Hours website.