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Statement on Haggen Bankruptcy Developments “Haggen Has a Responsibility to Do What Is Right”

via The Stand

via The Stand

Washington, D.C. – The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) International Union released the following statement regarding the Haggen bankruptcy as it relates to the motion filed to close 100 stores, as well as the recent approval of Albertson’s to hire back Haggen employees.

“Across our communities, the hard-working men and women of Haggen, their families have all been experiencing untold frustration and concern during these past few weeks as the Haggen bankruptcy continues to develop. From the start, we have made it clear to Haggen that they have a responsibility to do what is right. Unfortunately, it is clear that Haggen seems intent on pursuing a course of action that is wrong for the community, its customers, and its employees.

“Even though Haggen has stated in its court filings and to the public that that it is closing 100 additional stores because there are no interested buyers, we believe that is simply not true. In fact, there is no evidence that Haggen has conducted a real and organized sales process, or taken any good-faith steps to pursue buyers to operate these stores. Haggen’s failure to do so is not only irresponsible, it is unacceptable.

“Even in the face of Haggen’s repeated missteps and mistakes, our UFCW members have stood together and continue to prove their incredible worth. As we continue to compel Haggen to live up to its responsibilities, we are pleased that the FTC has granted Albertsons approval to hire back Haggen workers. This goes into effect immediately and provides the opportunity for laid-off Haggen workers to work at Albertsons stores. Our next steps will be working closely with our members to provide assistance and resources for them to secure these good union jobs.

“With respect to the Haggen bankruptcy proceedings, we are absolutely committed to taking every legal step possible to protect these jobs and the community. We will also do everything in our power to make sure that these stores are sold to responsible employers who respect our hard-working men and women. Make no mistake, we will fight as hard as we can to protect what these workers have earned and deserve.”



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UFCW Local 538 Retirees Take Stand Against Kraft-Heinz Benefit Cuts

538 Kraft-HeinzRetirees from the Kraft-Heinz company in Wisconsin became concerned when they began receiving letters telling them that their health care was changing to give them more “flexibility, choice and control.” Because they had a union while they worked, they reached out to UFCW Local 538 in Madison, Wis., which confirmed that the “choice and control” were really cuts and complications to their health plans.

“What Kraft-Heinz is trying to do is break a promise,” said Doug Leikness, president of UFCW Local 538. “We’d fought hard for retiree health care over the years, and now they are trying to walk back from that commitment and leave their most loyal employees in the lurch.”

UFCW Local 538 immediately began raising the alarm. Kraft-Heinz faced an avalanche of bad press from both local and national publications revealing that more than 15,000 retired workers and their families had been affected by these cuts. However, only former UFCW members had somebody fighting for them.

Rhonda Hansen had worked at the Oscar Mayer plant in Madison for 19 years as a member of UFCW Local 538 before retiring two years ago. Her family depends on the health insurance she earned through years of hard work – especially her husband Dale, who has Alzheimer’s and has suffered from both skin cancer and heart problems.

“Kraft-Heinz is owed by some of the richest people in the world, including Warren Buffet,” said Hansen. “But when they’re looking to cut costs, they pull the rug out under loyal workers like me. I’m just grateful I still part of a union that’s still out there fighting for me.”

While they haven’t rolled back the cuts yet, and the fight still continues. Leikness says UFCW Local 538 is looking for new ways to pursue the struggle to ensure former UFCW members get the benefits they deserve.

UFCW Locals Make Headlines This Labor Day

This Labor Day weekend, UFCW locals across the country joined together with other unions and their communities to celebrate the true meaning of Labor Day. Many locals including UFCW locals 5, 38,227, and Region 1, sent a message about the need to improve the lives of hard-working men and women through fair wages, good schedules, and paid sick leave through editorials in their local papers.

UFCW locals and members worked hard to showcase their union this Labor Day weekend.Also be sure to check UFCW Facebook pages to see photos from all of the parades, picnics, and other Labor Day festivities. Click here to watch a clip of UFCW Local 23 marching in Pittsburgh. Share your local’s Labor Day actions in the comments.

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