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Are you a member with a COVID-19 concern in your workplace? Please report it to us.

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#ShopSmart during COVID-19

Reinstate Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers

Show your support for essential workers. Add your name today!

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Pledge to #ShopSmart during COVID-19

Help protect yourself and the workers at your local grocery store

What is the #ShopSmart pledge?

1. Wear a mask inside the store

Always wear a mask (whether homemade or store-bought) when you shop that covers your nose and mouth.

2. Always keep 6 feet or more

Whether you’re standing in line or asking a worker for assistance, keep 6ft between yourself and others.

3. Never toss gloves on the floor!

Dispose of any used gloves or wipes in a trash can, never on the ground outside or left behind in your shopping cart.

Reinstate Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers

Watch and Learn

Wear A Mask While Shopping

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Shop Smart Launch Video
Learn how to #ShopSmart to keep yourself and grocery workers safe.

How to Take the #ShopSmart Pledge


1. Take A Mask Selfie

The best superheroes wear masks! Don yours, take a pic and post it and tag it with #shopsmart #savelives.


2. Text “Shopsmart” to 23396 to take the pledge

Take the pledge to #ShopSmart and we’ll send you weekly insider tips on how you can make grocery shopping safer for everyone.


Be sure to download our #ShopSmart banner and Facebook frame promoting #shopsmart #savelives.

Download and Share Our #ShopSmart Social Graphics

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All Heroes Wear Masks

A BIG thank you to customers who rock masks while they shop. Show us how you stay safe! Tag us @ufcwunion in your #shopsmart #maskselfie on Instagram.

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