William T. McDonough

Executive Vice President, UFCW

William T. McDonough has three decades of experience as a union builder and rank-and-file organizer.  As the Director of Collective Bargaining, Bill utilizes new strategies, unity bargaining campaigns, and innovative, broad-based actions to mobilize UFCW members so they can build a powerful voice in the workplace and reclaim the path to the middle-class.

At the heart of Bill’s leadership is a belief that rank-and-file members must truly be engaged in the fight for economic justice and that worker voices are the key to building enough power to fight national and international corporate giants at the bargaining table.

Under his guidance, UFCW unions are bargaining to organize, winning industry-leading contracts, and proving once again that workers truly are more powerful when they speak together.

He traces his union activism back to his days as a stock boy at Filene’s Department Store in Boston, Massachusetts, where his own rank-and-file activism helped build his union.  Since that time, he has risen quickly through the ranks, dedicating his life to helping workers achieve economic justice by securing union contracts and a UFCW voice on the job.

Bill was elected International Vice President in 1998.  In 2002, he became Director of UFCW Region 8-Western, serving in that position during the historic Southern California grocery strike.  He was elected Executive Vice President and appointed Organizing Director in 2004.  He was appointed Director of Collective Bargaining in 2007.

Bill’s work to negotiate contracts with some of the country’s largest corporations requires expert navigation of troubled waters.  In the face of a recession and untold challenges, he’s built tremendous power at the bargaining table and raised the bar for workers in UFCW’s core industries.