Education and Scholarship

Did you know as a union member, you are eligible for a number of scholarships and education-related opportunities? Check out a few of the opportunities on our Education and Scholarship page, but be sure to give your local union office a call for any opportunities only available to members at your particular local.

Job Opportunities

Join us, and join the millions of workers who are sticking together to improve jobs and hold Washington accountable for standing up for workers. We are looking for passionate, committed individuals to help us fight to reclaim the American Dream and for a better way of life for America’s working families.

Become a Steward

Good stewards are the backbone of a properly functioning union. If you are interested in getting more active in your union, becoming a steward is a great way to get involved and support your coworkers.


There are also great discounts available to UFCW members through the Union Plus program. From lowering your phone bill to saving on moving expenses, Union Plus offers some great ways for members to stretch their paychecks just a bit further.