Walmart Workers Request Protests at Their Stores

As Walmart worker Myron Byrd will tell you, we’re stronger when we stand together. He had seen problems in his Chicago Walmart for years, but he never thought that there was anything he could do to change things. That is, until he saw other workers coming together in OUR Walmart.

10745682415_40920927ab_z“By myself, I was afraid to speak out,” said Byrd. “But now that my coworkers and the community are standing up with me, we are really working to change things.”

With a strong base of OUR Walmart members in his store, Byrd participated in his first strike this year. But thousands of workers are still in stores without strong, vocal leadership. Workers are quietly whispering in the break room, but are afraid to be the first one to speak out publicly. Every day, the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) hears from these workers, quietly reaching out for someone to stand with them as they launch their first public actions at their stores.

To address this issue, Making Change at Walmart collaborated with Walmart worker-leaders to create an exciting new way for workers to come forth and request support in their stores. They can visit where they will be able to tell a bit about their experience at Walmart and request a Black Friday protest at their store.

Now, the Walmart workers that make up the silent majority, who want to see change at the company but are too afraid to stand up, can connect anonymously with community members and see action.

You can stand with these workers by signing up to attend or host a Black Friday protest event at your local Walmart. Go to to be matched with a Walmart store near you. You can read more about the new site at Salon.