Cincinnati Processing Workers Join UFCW Local 75

Local 75 workersMore than 30 workers from the Cincinnati Processing pork plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, voted to join Local 75 last week.  They came together for a voice at work after facing down a lack of respect and a need for secure wages and benefits and voted by 2 to 1 to stand together and form a union.

“We organized so that our families could have better lives,” said Ignacio Huertas, a food processing worker at Cincinnati Processing. “We could have just stayed silent, but instead we stood up and stuck together and we won. I hope that our victory gives other workers the confidence to do what we did.”

The workers still face challenges, however. The plant is also staffed by more than 100 temporary workers who still have no voice or job security, and workers expect a tough fight for their first contract. The plant processes pork chops and ground pork.