Right to Work Threatens Michigan Families as it is passed by both House and Senate

photo credit: MLive

UPDATE: The bill has now passed the Senate. Please call Governor Snyder immediately and tell him to veto! 517-373-3400.

Today the Republican House in Michigan passed a destructive right to work bill that is more about politics than economics.

It is now headed to the Senate. MICHIGAN MEMBERS: Contact your Senator and tell them to vote no.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has long said right to work legislation is unnecessary. But under pressure from big corporations and their allies, he endorsed it, calling the bill “right for the citizens of Michigan.”

Here are the facts:

Right to work provides no rights and no work. It is a ploy to give CEOs more power over their workers.

Right to work forces you into accepting lower wages, fewer benefits, and a diminished voice in the workplace.

The average full time worker in a right to work state makes $5,000 less than in states that don’t interfere in the workplace.

Strong collective bargaining agreements between workers and management helped build Michigan’s middle class.

Right to work would pull the rug out from under these joint agreements, promoting government interference in the workplace.

Right to work must be defeated.

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