December, 2012

The Progress of the OUR Walmart Movement: “We’re Winning”

From Warehouse Workers United’s pilgrimage to protest working conditions, to OUR Walmart members’ Black Friday Strikes, and to this week’s Global Day of Action, the world has seen and heard a lot from Walmart associates and former employees in the past few months. And they are just getting started.

Josh Eidelson, who has been covering the efforts of all those involved in the fight for better jobs at Walmart, has now written a great, comprehensive article for The Nation, detailing what has happened, and effect it is having in the industry.

Although Walmart denies retaliating against its workers, many associates who have spoken out have been threatened or punished. Yet, those involved in the movement continue to stand together, because the cause is worth it, and they know they are part of something that is already creating change and inspiring other workers around the world.

Read Josh’s piece, “The Great Walmart Walkout”, here.

What Does the Fiscal Cliff Mean for America’s Workers?

As the days until the “fiscal cliff” become fewer and fewer, it seems as though no one can escape the talk that surrounds it, and how it will affect any number of things, from shopping habits to the unemployment rate.

To be honest, all the hype and political buzz about the fiscal cliff can be confusing, or downright annoying.  Many workers may be wondering, “What does it mean?” or “Will it affect me and my family?”

Well, the Washington Post does a pretty good job of breaking down the fiscal cliff, in a series of graphs and GIFs. To get a better understanding of what the fiscal cliff is, and for a few laughs, check it out here. Seriously, who doesn’t like GIFs?


credit: Washington Post


Have Yourself a Merry, Union-Made Holiday

Support union workers this holiday by buying union-made and made-in-America products this year! There are plenty of sources out there to help you stick to union made stocking stuffers, gifts, and yummy holiday treats to serve at whatever celebration you are hosting or attending.  Here are just a few:

Made in America Holiday Gift and Stocking Stuffer Guide from the AFL-CIO (features products from the UFCW as well as Unite Here, USW, IAM, UAW, RWDSU, and many more)

Union-Made Holiday Sweet Treats from BCTGM

Make it a union-made holiday from the UAW is a guide to union-made toys and electronics, plus other lists of union-made products

The Union-made Holiday Shopping List from Labor 411 features a variety of products from multiple unions, and even has price listings.

Also, check out our UFCW Pinterest board of union-made products for more ideas! The AFL-CIO has one too.

image source: , where you can buy union-made holiday cards!