Word Spreads as Walmart Strikers Prepare for Black Friday

The clock is ticking closer to retail’s biggest day of the year: Black Friday, and Walmart associates and supporters are choosing this week and the biggest shopping day of the year to walk off the job, and tell Walmart they are tired of being retaliated against for speaking out for change in their workplace. Strikes, protests, and rallies are already happening across the country – and here are some of the stories Walmart workers have generated so far:


Up with Chris Hayes show:1 of 4 segments that start with OUR Walmart member Greg Fletcher and Raymond Castillo from Warehouse Workers United, both from Southern California.

Walmart Workers Protest” – CNBC on the Squawk Box: OUR Walmart member Colby Harris, from Dallas, TX makes it very clear why workers are standing up and going on strike.

Walmart Strike Spreads to Texas as Organizers Promise Massive Black Friday Protest” -The Nation

Black Friday Protest Plans are Making Walmart Nervous” -Daily Kos: This headline speaks for itself…

Walmart Walkout: 1,000 Protests Planned Nationwide On ‘Black Thursday’Inquisitr: This article mentions the potential for massive striking on what has been dubbed Black Thursday, in addition to what will take place on Black Friday.  Warehouse workers kicked things off last week when they walked off the job.

Walmart Workers Protest Ahead of Black Friday” – Federal Way Mirror: A spread of photos from actions in Seattle last week.

photo credit: Federal Way Mirror