September, 2012

Walmart Caught Red-Handed!

Walmart can afford the best-paid public relations team, but spin doesn’t make a difference when it’s immediately contradicted by a leaked document.

Warehouse workers have raised serious concerns about broken equipment and high injury rates in the warehouses they work in, moving Walmart merchandise. But when they have asked for working equipment, they have been retaliated against.

Walmart spokesperson Dan Fogelman said “workers’ claims were ‘either unfounded, or if they are legitimate, have been addressed.’” (Los Angeles Times, Sep. 17)

But a management document from inside the warehouse tells a different story. A worker found a company checklist with Walmart’s logo on it that shows a lot of equipment is broken and even dangerous. The document is dated Aug. 8, but workers report that problems noted in the document still have not been fixed. (You can view the document here.)

Send an email to Walmart and NFI, the warehouse operator, and tell them they have been caught red handed.

This document proves Walmart and NFI know what the problems are, yet none of these serious hazards have been addressed.

Last week, warehouse workers  delivered more than 120,000 signatures  to Walmart in five cities. The next day, warehouse worker Javier Rodriguez cornered Walmart executive Rajan Kamalanathan, who heads the company’s ethical outsourcing initiative, at a private event in Washington, D.C. In Illinois, workers at a Walmart distribution center joined warehouse workers on strike to end retaliation.

Walmart is feeling the heat and it knows there are problems. Help warehouse workers by sending Walmart and its contractor, NFI, an email today. 

September 25 is National Voter Registration Day!

Today is National Voter Registration Day!

Are you registered yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Click here to get registered today!

On the National Voter Registration day site, can you also find a registration event- just type in your zip code, and select the distance you are willing to travel.  A list of locations becomes instantly available for you, complete with all the details you need, including the time of the event and contact information.

For residents of many states, you can register right from your computer! Just click the “Register to Vote” tab, and fill in your information as the site takes you step by step through this super easy process.

If you’re already registered, there’s more you can do! Go to and click on the “Promote” tab.  There, you will find a variety of neat ways to tell other people to register.  You can either change your profile picture and status on Facebook with a National Voter Registration Day logo, send an e-mail, Tweet about it (you can even tweet to your favorite celebrities straight from the site), or share any of the graphics provided on the site through any media you choose.

Think you have all the time in the world to register? Think again- in the 2008 election, 6 million Americans didn’t vote because they either missed the registration deadline, or didn’t know how.  That’s why National Voter Registration Day is employing thousands of organizations, volunteers, and social media outlets to get the word out about registration.  Because no matter who you are voting for, it’s so important that you do.  Exercise your right as an American to have a voice in your government.

Click here to get registered today!

What are UFCW Members Doing to Help Working Families this Election?

We asked our members ‘What are you doing or going to do to make sure working families win this November?”

Here are some of the highlights of what they said!

“Having my church have voter registration available  for all the young people and seniors”

“I sent $ to the DNC and i am proudly displaying my Obama/Biden bumper sticker”

“Not voting for Romney”

“Go to vote”

“Phone banking and canvasing- also taking anyone to vote early that will let me”


“Voting for Obama!”

“Passing better legislation”

“Helping a local state senate candidate”

“helping whenever needed”

“i’m reminding everyone i speak to is we need to move forward not backwards”

“I’m gonna drag everything that ain’t glued down 2 the polls…lol”

“Lookin’ 4 help to start a union at my Walmart”“Stand up for my rights”

“Tryn’ to make sure everyone that i know votes in November!”

“I work on the polls for our rights that the G.O.P. is trying to take away from us”

“Making sure the working class understand that president Obama is the best candidate for our future and we need to keep moving forward!!!!”

“Run for state rep”

If you want to join the UFCW rapid response team and be part of the next poll, sign up to receive text messages by texting JOIN to MYUFCW (698329). Your feedback could be the next to be featured on the UFCW blog.