August, 2008

>Best Speech Ever?

>What did you think about Obama’s speech last night? Critics are saying that it was a great speech. Here’s what Pat Buchanan had to say about Obama’s speech:

Courtland Cox on CNN saw the Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech and heard Obama’s speech last night and was astounded.

Drew Hansen, author of “The Dream,” a book that analyzes King’s speech said, “I never thought in my lifetime that I would see one of us aspiring to be the head of our nation,” she said. “Mr. Obama leading us toward the presidency is like the Promised Land for us.”

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>Obama Touchdown in Denver Stadium

>Did you see it? Early this week in Denver, the Democratic National Convention was kicked off. Did you watch it? Some of the leaders who spoke were Ted Kennedy, Beau and Joe Biden, Bill and Hilary Clinton and Michelle and Barack Obama.

Last night, Obama gave his acceptance speech and moved many people; even Oprah Winfrey who claimed she “cried her eyelashes off.” Did he move you?

What did you like about any of the speeches?

Obama’s 2008 DNC Speech:
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>Watch Out Polls! Here we Come!


They said Generation Y never do their part when it comes to voting. Well, maybe they should not speak to soon. According to the State Board of Elections, Virginia’s pool of registered voters is getting younger.

According to an article in the Washington Post, about 64 percent of the more than 200,000 new voters who have registered since January are younger than 35. Inquiring minds want to know…what actually drove these young people to the polls? Could it be the way this economy has affected them, or could it be that they actually want to be apart of this historical election; or could it be that presidential nominee Barack Obama has been widely credited for drawing in young people to politics? “In February, 134,968 voters ages 29 and younger cast ballots in the Democratic primary, compared with 52,714 in the Republican primary.”

Whatever the case, past elections have shown that Virginia has voted Republican. What could this mean for Obama? Are you registered to vote? Click here, to register. Don’t forget to fill it out, print it out, and mail it in.